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Mattress Size

Comfort / Fitness

Sleeping / Posture


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Common Sizes In India

What size mattress do I need?

The question of mattress size is an important one. You should ask yourself the following questions:

Do you share your bed?
How tall are you?
Can your room accommodate this mattress size?

Width: 3 feet or 36 inches(36”)
Length: 6(72”), 6.25(75”) & 6.5(78”) feet

Width: 4 feet (48”)
Length: 6(72”), 6.25(75”) & 6.5(78”) feet

Width: 5 feet (60”)
Length: 6(72”), 6.25(75”) & 6.5(78”) feet

Width: 6 feet (72”)
Length: 6(72”), 6.25(75”) & 6.5(78”) feet


Finding the right firmness in a mattress is crucial for happy, healthy sleep. The type of firmness you need will depend on your sleeping position & weight.

Firm : This type of mattress is ideal for those who sleep on their front, are over 15 stone or suffer from back pain. This is because it will keep your back in a relatively comfortable and stable position without allowing you to sink into it as you sleep, which can cause lower-back pain.

Medium : This is best for people who sleep on their back as you require extra lower-back support, which this type of firmness offers.

Medium Soft : This is ideal for those who change their sleeping position during the night, as it will still mould to your body position but provide a little more support.

Soft : Side sleepers or those who change positions during the night are best suited to soft mattresses. This is because the way you sleep already relieves pressure from your spine so you want your mattress to mould to your body’s natural position.

A good bet is choosing a firmness based on your preferred sleeping position.


Stomach Sleeper – generally stomach sleepers prefer mattresses in the neutral to firmer range. The stomach sleeping position tends to put the back and spine in less than an ideal sleeping angle. By using a firmer mattress you get better support to help keep your spine in alignment.

Side Sleeper – if you prefer your side you probably also prefer a softer mattress. The human body when it’s on its side isn’t a straight line. You need the mattress to contour to the curves of your side. Foam mattresses are a great choice here, as they provide superior body contouring.

Back Sleeper – typically a mattress in the neutral or slightly firm range is best for back sleepers. The most important factor is providing support for your lower back. A mattress with no give will put stress on your back, but one that is overly soft can inhibit support, creating pain in the lower back.